We are really driven by the belief that technology should inspire, not constrain. Marketers have access to data in abundance, but it remains divergent in delivery and mysterious in interpretation. The great leap forward in marketing will come when technology measures, interprets and recommends a course of action, that fuels success for both the brand and the customer. We are continually working on our leap. Why not join us and help make it happen.

Where it all started

The idea for SCRMHub came from a challenging brief while David Fairfull and Greg Brine were part of the We Are Social team. It called for technology that did not exist, and so a quest was born, and it has been driving them and the team ever since. While they had already been busy building great technology and social programs, there was no way of identifying existing customers from potential customers. There was no way of measuring what part of the marketing program really works and why.

The data existed but it was dispirate and not easy to interpret, and even harder to transition into great ideas that really resonated with customers. It required resources and skills that not every organisation had at their disposal. Surely technology could fulfill this promise and it was obvious that there was an incredible opportunity to help marketers readily make the transition from data into insights into actions. The inspiration and passion to do this, and wrap it in a set of tools that made the actions easy has been driving them to harness technology and empower marketers to learn and orchestrate actions in real time.

Joined by Luke Adlam, Johnson Lin, David Watson, and a wonderful supporting team, they launched SCRMHub. While we hate cliche's, we do love Mantra's and our mantra is that while this is a lofty goal it is really a journey and not a destination, and despite all the hard work and passion we are about 1% done. We are continually adding capability and in line with this, 2016 will see the introduction of Recommendation Technology and the release of our lite product which is ideal for SMB's and individuals.

Our values


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Learn faster

Our people want to learn more, faster, it's a common passion that drives everything we do. It is the fuel that is helping us interpret our vision


Surprise &

We want to create real change in the way technology supports marketing, so our customers get better results and have more fun doing what they do



We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere so we have to listen - to the team and to our customers


Obsess over

In a good way, because a great experience is defined by ensuring everything is as it should be



Because it is the only way you get the real picture, and make great decisions