The future is AI tailored marketing

Market like a professional using the power of our machine learning driven strategy

We help novice marketers market like a professional and experienced marketers to improve their understanding and real-time execution.

Using AI, scrmhub identifies the opportunities that are often missed in the noise of modern social media, delivering powerful insights and actions with the tools to execute and learn.

  • Collect

    We look beyond the obvious and gather in-depth data to power our insights engine

  • Measure

    Forget traditional vanity metrics and start to understand conversion and performance

  • Analyse

    Move beyond dashboards and embrace the power of machine driven insights

  • Action

    Be inspired with a machine learning driven stream of strategic ideas and opportunities


All the tools you need to execute plus learning resources



Plan & Collaborate In One Place!

Complete visibility so you can stay on track

Think of The Hub as your marketing personal assistant, who just happens to know what you need to do to keep your marketing plan on track. It's your planning zone, your view of all pending activities, and most importantly, the visible reminder of what you need to do today to be successful engaging your existing customers, and finding more.

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Tailor Your Content

Publish to multiple channels, with one action!

We all know engaging content is key, but how do you juggle planned content programming with all the good stuff that's happening in real time? Plus, there's team communication, reviews and approvals, and customizing for different platforms, all of which need to be mastered and done efficiently, to run a successful content marketing program. We just had to make it easier!

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Track, Measure & Repeat!

We'll transform your data into something you can action

To make learning from data more exciting and rewarding, our data and analytics dashboard solution is user-defined, so each user creates their own analytics format, based on their objectives. Want multiple dashboards? Have a need for a ton of user-defined widgets? Have some out-of-the-box monitoring objectives? You have complete flexibility to customise to your heart's content.

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Build, Launch, Learn!

Dive deeper and learn with real customer data

Digital touchpoints, including mobile applications and websites, are treasure boxes full of data that can be collected and unleashed to boost your business. Useful customer utilities such as enquiry, feedback or customer service points not only benefit your customers and provide your business with data—they give our infrastructure permission points that can be used to connect social data to CRM data and give your company powerful insights into who's using your product.

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